A helmets best friend! The Airhole Balaclava is perfect for rocking under your helmet, whether you are riding or snowmobiling. The hinged front masks enables the user to pull the full front of the mask under your chin to expose your face while eating or chillin'.
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    New for 2010, the Tie Ups offer the classic Airhole pattern in a bandana style. Eliminating the velcro enables the mask to have unlimited sizing options. As well, the single layered fabric available in fleece, cotton/poly, and mesh is perfect for spring and summer riding or just styling it out on the street.
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    The Cosmos Series available in the Pullover pattern is new for 2010. The stretchy polar fleece is sublimated and is flexible enough to fit over your heard without having velcro or tying it up. Protect yo' neck!

    Pro rider Kale Stephens in the Killer Series Shark Mask. Doubles as your halloween costume, this mask is our number one hit for the new season. Sublimated in our standard mask pattern with poly outer and ultra soft inner.

    Throwback video games pop of the standard mask in the Gamer Series with bright coloured hits. Guaranteed to keep you warm and styling this winter. Sublimated in our standard mask pattern with poly outer and ultra soft inner.

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Airhole is the premier facemask accessory manufacturer for the snowboard industry and has become such by developing innovative and practical facemasks. We are able to produce worthwhile products because our company is composed of snowboarders making products for snowboarders.

Founded by pros Kale Stephens and Chris Brown and run by Endeavor Design, Airhole will quickly increase market penetration and establish ourselves as an innovative facemask product company. Airhole is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Airhole Crew: Mikey Rencz, Johnny Lyall, Dustin Craven, Andrew Geeves, Kale Stephens, Paavo Tikkanen, Shin Campos, Chris Dufficy, Benji Ritchie, Chris Brown, John Sommers, Eero Niemela, Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Mark Frank Montoya, Travis Kennedy, Stevie Bell, Jake Blauvelt, Justin Bennee, Nate Boznuts, Bryan Iquchi, Erik Christensen, Nico Droz, Eric Jackson, John Jackson, Trevor Andrew.